How to Take Down a Leak Server

  1. Take screenshots that show that the user you are reporting is the admin of a leak server and is selling stolen content for a profit. Make sure to show a screenshot where the admins user ID is visible along with them posting something that shows they own the server. You can see an example in the image here.
  2. You need to copy that message link for one of the posts where the admin incriminates themself. I prefer to pick one of the posts where they directly mention “leaks” or talk about prices. You can find the steps here to copy the message link. (We have put a red box around the buttons to click).
  3. File a report with Discord here. Select the following options for the drop down boxes. “How Can We Help?” -> Report Abuse and Harassment. “What Would you Like to Report?” -> Scams, Fraud, or Prohibited Transactions. “In What Way?” -> It’s Impersonation of an Individual, Bot, or Company. “Who is being Impersonated?” -> a user.
  4. Don’t forget to attach your screenshots and the message link before sending! In the description you can just mention it’s a leak server in violation of the DMCA and “Revenge Porn” laws.
  5. If the admin was dumb enough to post their PayPal email you can also report them to PayPal. The PayPal customer support phone number is 00353 1 436 9111. Once you speak to them just inform them you need to report illegal activity by a PayPal user. Let them know the user is using their PayPal to fund illegal activity that includes selling stolen nude photos which is a violation of the DMCA and 46 state laws. If you want to be a real spy you can always ask for their PayPal and pretend like you are going to pay to get their email.
  6. The FBI investigates cases of intellectual property theft where the pirate is attempting to sell the stolen content for a profit. Because of this, and the fact that there is no guarantee a leak server isn’t selling photos of underage girls, you can report them to the FBI if you like here. Do not be intimidated or afraid to report these crimes to the FBI. The Intellectual Property Theft Coordination Center’s sole responsibility is to deal with cases like this. You are reporting a real, serious crime. Do not be afraid of putting your own information in case the FBI has additional questions or would like to ask if you have additional screenshots. I suggest always mentioning in your report that there is no way to know for sure that the girls who’s photos are sold on those servers are even of age.
  7. Now for the last (and most satisfying) step, time to serve the leaker with a DMCA Take down Notice. Generally speaking it’s a good idea to do this so that if the FBI later investigates and the leaker has continued the same behavior the FBI will be aware they have already been served a take-down notice. This notice is simply demanding that the leaker delete their entire server and cease all illegal activities. You can tell them what other actions you have taken if you like, that much is up to you. This take down notice is part of the DMCA laws so you are doing things by the book. See an example of a notice we sent a leaker here. (You can see the users account was deleted after they were banned, probably by Discord to cover up that they have people running an illegal black market under their nose.)

Congratulations! You should get an email within a couple of days with Discord informing you they have “Taken some action” (which means a ban.)

Need help? Request our help submitting the report by clicking here.

Leakers Banned and Servers Removed

Welcome to JustVetted, one of the most unique sites for OnlyFans, Fansly, and other content creators of it’s kind. JustVetted is designed with the primary goal of keeping creators safe. You have probably already noticed the interesting color scheme and page names, that’s no accident – JustVetted is themed to simulate the “CIA” or “Spy Agency”, adding to the fun of using the service. Click the drop-down accordion menu’s below to read about the various components of JustVetted.

Are you a fan? JustVetted is for you too! Browse profiles for some of the hottest creators around. Curious about prices or type of content? Just send them a chat message. Now you have the opportunity to learn about a creator before giving up your hard earned money on a subscription.

Agent Offices

The agent offices section of JustVetted contains a number of useful subsections.

First, you will find the link to the "Social Center". The Social Center is an area of JustVetted for creators to engage with other creators or fans. You will find a chat room and message board here.

Second, you will find the "Training Hub." One of our best resources for creators, you can watch videos here in a wide range of subjects ranging from advanced OnlyFans tricks like typing in blue or increasing font size to professional Photoshop guides that will teach you how to do everything from changing your eye color to adding an entirely new background.

Third, you will find the "Records" section of JustVetted. The Record sections is a leaderboard that shows which users have earned the most vCoins, site wide!

Fourth, you will find the "Agent Database" section of JustVetted. Within the "Agent Records" you will find the directory for all registered users. You can filter users by type and add users as a friend, send messages, and even voice chat or video chat!

Last, "personal tracking" is where you can check to see your current progress towards becoming a Special Agent. Being promoted from Agent comes with a few great perks such as getting Level 2 Training Courses for free plus the ability to create your own blog posts for exposure!


The "Investigations" section of JustVetted is dedicated to the "Promoter Hub" and the "Report/Review a Promoter" and "Apply for Promoter Vetting" forms.

The Promoter Hub is an amazing resource for creators. Here, you can find a list of all Promoters who JustVetted has investigated. Every promoter is ranked Grade A (Very Good) through Grade F (Scammer). Promoters who are interested in applying can also do so here. Reviewing this page before purchasing any paid promotion is absolutely key to keep from being ripped off or taken advantage of.

Cipher Wheel

Each day you visit JustVetted, you can spin the "Cipher Wheel" once. The Cipher Wheel appears as a round icon on the bottom right corner of all pages.

What is the Cipher Wheel?
JustVetted keeps its most prized treasures hidden behind secure encryptions in our Digital Vault. A 6-letter code secures this digital vault. To crack this code and open the digital vault, you must spin the cipher wheel to decode the symbols. There are a total of 6 symbols on the Cipher wheel. Each day when you land on a symbol, a message will appear informing you what letter that cipher symbol decodes to.

For example, imagine that you landed on a slice of the cipher pie that holds this symbol:

You will see a message that informs you what letter that cipher symbol represents.

What happens when I have decoded all six cipher symbols?
Once you have de-coded all six cipher symbols, you are ready to break into the digital vault. Click on the "Digital Vault" link in the main menu. You will see the same six symbols spread horizontally in a specific order. You must take those symbols and type the letters that each symbol represents in the password field. Remember, order matters! You must type the letters in the order in which the six cipher symbols appear.

What do I get for hacking the data vault? What else, wealth! Once you have cracked the cipher vault, you will play a minigame with another wheel to hack the vault. Depending on your luck, you could win a fair amount of a substantial amount of vCoins. Those can be redeemed for a significant discount on training courses or landing pages when that feature launches.

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