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My name is X and I am the lead developer on Just Vetted who has been working on the site for the past year. I am currently the only one who has worked on the site in months. Unfortunately, although I take great pride in what this project accomplished, I must announce that I will no longer be supporting this website in any capacity. The time sacrifice I have to make, and the great personal expense is too high. This website cost me around $3,000 for the initial investment and it costs me $270 a month to run. I had hoped that by adding a donation button the community would be willing to help show their support and offset that cost. I was wrong. While the community has been thankful for the work we do to prevent scams, finding good promoters, and providing excellent resources and advice, they are not willing to help support the site in any way. This site will continue to operate until next year when the license on the site hosting expires. During that time various plugins will begin to expire, and the sites functionality may be affected. In addition, as I will no longer be updating the paid promoter page, I make no guarantees regarding the accuracy. Please do not contact me with any questions, issues, or comments. This decision will not be changed. I was willing to shoulder the cost of this amazing free service for a year but now I can see that I am expected to both slave away working on it and pay out of my own pocket to keep it running so it must not be that valuable to the community. It’s been fun. sometimes. Stay safe and watch out for the sharks. 


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Information Competition Round Structure Round 1: Round one is considered the initial qualification round. All entries are reviewed for compliance with the entry guidelines. Low-quality

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