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This site overview will help teach you how to get the most out of Creators Club Online. Visit any of the topics below for more information.

Creators club is made up of three main components which can be found on the home page. You can see those elements numbered from one to three in the image below. Click the image to open it in full screen. Read more about each of these site components in the other topics.

In addition to the main components, there are also a number of help buttons on the home page. They are as follows:


You can click this button to open our list of recommended Discord servers. Find the button on the home page.


This guide will tell you everything you need to know about using the Reddit Database. Find the button on the home page.


Interested in finding out how you can help this project? Click the Volunteer button on the home page.

The Reddit Database is an amazing resource and collaboration of several creators. The purpose of this database is simple:

To create one resource to greatly aid creators in locating the best communities to promote in, as well as to help assist creators in understanding the rules for each community.

Clicking the following button on the home page will take you to the database:


Once in the database, you will find a couple of help buttons followed by numerous category buttons.

  • The Database Guide contains the same information as the identical button on the home page and is key to using the database correctly.
  • The Volunteer button is identical to the button on the home page.
  • There are a total of fourteen categories to help organize the communities. No community will appear in more than one category so if you don’t find what you need in the first category, check any others that your community of interest might appear in.

Once you click a category button, a pop-up will appear with a table of category communities. 

As you can see in the image above (click to view in full size) the tables are made up of rows (representing the community) and four columns that use symbols to relay the information. Check out the Reddit Database for a breakdown of the symbols.

Community Guides are another unique feature of Creators Club. The purpose and goal of the guides is to:

Create one unified location where creators can publish and read helpful guides on any subject that might be of interest to a creator.

Clicking the following button will take you to the Community Guides page:

The guides are separated by category and use a learning management platform to help organize the information. Once you have clicked on the link for a particular course (all are free), you will be taken to the course information page. There, you can see:

  • The lessons within the course.
  • A list of the features of the course.
  • Any prerequisites for the course.
  • An “Enroll” button that will allow you to take the course.

No course is graded, and you can easily hit “Complete” once you are finished with a lesson to move to the next. Don’t worry about taking notes or trying to remember everything, you can always visit your profile to view your completed courses and revisit the materials. 

You are required to have a free account to take a course however, but registration is quick. Click the “Sign-in/Register” button at the top of the home page to make an account.


Interested in contributing your knowledge to the guides? Visit the Creators Club Discord server to submit your guide!

The community wall is an exciting and upcoming major feature for Creators Club. While we are not ready to fully detail the information, check back often for more details!

Discord Links

The following servers may be of interest to creators for networking with other creators and getting helpful advice. In addition, all interactions with the Creators Club team is done through our Discord server. Join the Creators Club Discord (first on the list) to:

  • Reach out for volunteering. 
  • Submit a community guide.
  • Submit Reddit research for our database.
  • Get technical help with Creators Club Online.
  • Give feedback or ideas to our team.

Click any button below to visit the server. Note that Infernum does not allow male creators and Adult Creators Club requires a $5 a month donation in order to chat (you can still read the channels for free though.)

Contribute to Creators Club Online


Creators Club Online is a project that depends heavily on community support. As the sole developer, I also have a full time job and social life. Working on the updates to this site takes away all of the free time I have. In order for this site to continue to grow and especially for the Reddit Database and Community Guides to become something truly great, we need support from creators to volunteer their time. Not only does your work advance the service, but there is also a free promotion given to everyone who helps out. Read below to find out about the two roles we are looking for and how the free promotion award works.


Reddit Researcher

Reddit Researchers are volunteers who help us by locating new Reddit communities, researching the watermark, verification, and advertising policies, and then submitting the information on the Creators Club Discord so we can update the site.


Moderators are the second role that we need. Moderators will be responsible for reviewing and approving community guides, keeping an eye on the community wall, removing illegal content and dealing with problem users as needed, and removing spam comments/posts then banning the spam user accounts. Right now we need Reddit Researches far more than Moderators.

Monthly Award

All volunteers that are actively helping with the site will earn a one week side panel promotion on r/OnlyFansGirls101 for each month they help out. The side panel promotion is an image of your choice that appears above the rules and takes users to your page when clicked.

Interested in Helping out?

If you are interested in volunteering please visit the Creators Club Discord and look for the website channels in the server. Click the icon to join the Discord.

Database Community Icons

Each community in a category list has a number of potential icons that show you what you are allowed to do in that community. Icons are used instead of text as it’s much easier to quickly glance at icons once you understand their meaning, rather a huge amount of text. To see what each of the icons below means, hover over the icon on PC or click the icon on mobile to open the tool-tip.

In addition to the information the icons provide, some communities also feature karma requirements. Karma requirements are shown via the community name text color. medium/high karma requirement, low/medium karma requirement, no karma requirement, and unknown karma requirement..

Database Category Grouping

Many of the Reddit Database categories are also split into a further three groups inside the list. The reason for this is to make it easier for viewers to see the differences between communities in a list. The three groups used are as follows:

This course contains one lesson. Expand the lesson section below to begin.

Lesson Topics:


Suggested Prerequisites:


Estimated Time:



Lesson Instructions:

This lesson consists of one video. You can watch the video by clicking the button below:

Generic Style/Fashion Communities

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.



Community for creators with a pastel skin tone and/or sexy pastel outfits. 


Community for left-leaning creators to connect. 



No Karma Requirement





Action Style/Fashion Based Communities

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.


Fetish Style/Fashion Based communities.

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.



BDSM community with loads of bondage.

Fansly Communities

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.