Navigating JustVetted can seem a bit confusing to new creators given that JustVetted contains many services. Check out the images below that help explain the various site components. Click on the image to increase the size.

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Q. What are the core components of JustVetted?
A. The core components of JustVetted are the promoter listing (also known as the Promoter Hub) and the JustVetted training guides.

Q. How can I report being scammed by a Paid Promoter?
A. In order to report a scam and launch an investigation (the Promoter does not have to be currently listed on JustVetted), click on the "Report a Promoter" link in the main menu under "Promotions."

Q. I bought a promotion from a Vetted Promoter here and had poor results, what should I do?
A. In the event that the promoter did not scam you but the promotion was just bad, click on "Review a Promoter" under the main menu under "Promotions." JustVetted holds Vetted Promoters to a high standard and reports that can be verified as accurate will result in the Promoter being demoted to a lower Promoter class.

Q. What is the purpose of games on JustVetted and am I required to play?
A. Games on JustVetted are a fun way to increase the user experience on JustVetted but no user is required to participate. Playing games and earning the badges can earn you vCoins though that can be used to discount the price of a training video or landing page by up to 50%!

Q. How can I get in touch with JustVetted if I have questions or need help?
A. The best way to get in touch and stay in the loop with JustVetted is by joining our discord server:
You can also reach out through email at [email protected] if you prefer.

You can find the most sought after pages in the following places:

See the list of good and bad promoters: Under the main menu category "Promotions." Click on the "Browse Paid Promoters" option.

Report a Paid Promoter or give them a positive/negative review: Under the main menu category "Promotions." Click on the "Report a Promoter" or "Review a Promoter" options.

Watch JustVetted training courses: Click on the main menu option "Training Guides."

View a list of site members so I can make friends and chat: Under the main menu category "User Engagement." Click on the "Member Directory" option.


Welcome to JustVetted, one of the most unique communities for content creators, paid promoters, and fans!

Creators can browse “Promotions” to read about great promoters, see the list of bad promoters to avoid, report or review a paid promoter, and watch our numerous training courses covering various topics from advanced social media platform tricks to expert Adobe courses.

Users can browse our engagement links to see a list of registered members, most of the creators! Read their details, and send messages.

Paid Promoters can apply to become a Vetted Promoter. Applying is free and quick, and approved Vetted Promoters get all the exposure that being listed comes with!

For users who love JustVetted, check out our “Games and Unlockables” section of the menu. You can earn vCoins by using JustVetted, which can be spent to offset 50% of the price of advanced courses (all initial courses are free) or discounting the price of a landing page later!

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