Competition Round Structure

Round 1: Round one is considered the initial qualification round. All entries are reviewed for compliance with the entry guidelines. Low-quality entries or those who did not follow the instructions are eliminated.

Round 2: The second round is considered the admin judging phase. All entries are negotiated and scored by three admins of JustVetted. Contestants earn between 1 to 10 points in four categories. Beauty (natural or make-up skin), setting (where the photo is taken), quality (the photo quality), and class/elegance. In addition, bonus style points (up to 10) for having a unique style or cool concept. Contestants can earn a max of 50 points and are required to make at least 35 to qualify for Round 3. The overall scores during Round 2 create a ladder that gives creators with the best scores a few advantages in later rounds.

Round 3: Now, we are entering the public portion of the contest. By this point, only powerful contestants remain. Finalists who scored at least 35 points will be added to a contest page. Their photo will be displayed in large sizes and take viewers to their content page if clicked. Each contestant’s entry will also contain all the scores from Round 2. Last, there is a 1-10 star rating widget on each entry (although we are using 1-10 flames.) Any user registered on JustVetted and logged in can rate each contestant one time, between 1-10 stars. The ratings between users will affect the overall rating. We have robust measures in place to eliminate duplicate voting. The individual contestant entries are full width on PC, and the order in which contestants are added from top to bottom is based on their ladder rank in Round 2; that is, the 1st place contestant will appear first, and the last place will have their entry appear at the bottom. Round 3 will last for one week (seven days.) After the deadline, the two contestants with the best rating will advance to Round 4. If there is a tie, more than two contestants can go.

Round 4: Considered the Championship Round, the two (or more in the event of a rating tie) top-rated contestants will advance. The Championship uses a standard “pick one” ballot. Every registered user who is currently logged in can vote once. They pick which creator they like best, and that creator will get one vote. Round 4 will last one week (seven days), and at the deadline, the votes will be tallied. The contestant with the most votes will be declared the winner with one potential exception: The winner must get at least 25% more votes (rounded up) than the loser. This means if the loser has 10 points, the winner will need 13 votes to secure the win. We believe that Championships that are too close are not much fun for the contestants and can leave a margin small enough that something petty like a creator asking more fans to register than the other contestant may determine the winner. If neither contestant reaches 25% more votes, the contest will progress to the Round 5 Runoff.

Round 5: When neither finalist secures 25% more votes, the contest will progress to Round 5 Runoff Round. Both contestants will be required to submit a new photo and given three days to do so. A new ballot will then be started with logged-in users able to vote for either contestant based on the latest photos. Like before, the winner must still win by 25% more votes. The ballot will remain open for one week (seven days.) Failure for either party to win by 25% will progress the contest to the final “Sudden Elimination.”

Sudden Elimination: When votes are not enough to get a winner with a clear majority after two attempts the sudden elimination procedure takes place. The Round 2 Judge Critique scores will determine the winner. The overall winner from Round 4 and Round 5 will also get three bonus points added to the judge criteria score. In the rate event that the contestants have a tied judge score the three admin judges will take a vote and the contestant who gets two or three votes will win the competition

JustVetted realizes that this process is much more complicated than standard OnlyFans contests. Know that we have planned this process in order to host a competition where the quality of the photos drive the winner more than begging for votes and the overall winner will not be in dispute. We do not want any create to feel as though they lose because their opponent die more begging.

Contest Champion Rewards

  • You will be list in a Hall of Fame on JustVetted with one or more photos of your choice, a description of your content, and all of the judge criteria. You will also have a custom made digital trophy and custom badge if you have an account on JustVetted.
  • You get one free training guide ($25 value) from the JustVetted Training Hub.
  • You get a one week side panel promotion on r/OnlyFansGirls101, a mention on our Instagram, and a mention on our Facebook,
  • You may get a one day sticky promo on r/onlyfansgirls101 although we have not set this reward in stone and it is not guaranteed.
  • You will get a digital custom made trophy that you can post on your content platform or social media.

By X

Hello there! I am X, the Lead Developer, Lead Designer, and Lead almost everything else. While HayaX technically owns JustVetted she is not actively working on the project so anything that you need regarding JustVetted, don't hesitate to ask. We are both former creators and are fiercely protective of the creator community, hence our inspiration to create this site. My interests include Website development (obviously), Photo editing (via Lightroom/Photoshop), writing, anime/hentai, and porn (me and HayaX enjoy our weekly porn nights), mostly we are into trans & hentai and she is into girl on girl as well. I also love to game although I haven't had time for that since starting this project. The game that consumes my life when I am not working is League of Legends. Yuumi main! In my day job, I work as a QA Automation Engineer and I am fortunate enough to work remotely. I have two cats and no kids, and we do not want kids lol (we enjoy each other way too much.) Our music interests are mostly K-Pop (HayaX got me into it), EDM, some mostly indie rap, and some rock (again mostly not mainstream bands). Anyway I am a pretty chill guy so feel free to send me a message or add me on Discord if you just want to chat.

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Generic Style/Fashion Communities

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.



Community for creators with a pastel skin tone and/or sexy pastel outfits. 


Community for left-leaning creators to connect. 



No Karma Requirement





Action Style/Fashion Based Communities

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.


Fetish Style/Fashion Based communities.

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.



BDSM community with loads of bondage.

Fansly Communities

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.














Database Community Icons

Each community in a category list has a number of potential icons that show you what you are allowed to do in that community. Icons are used instead of text as it’s much easier to quickly glance at icons once you understand their meaning, rather a huge amount of text. To see what each of the icons below means, hover over the icon on PC or click the icon on mobile to open the tool-tip.

In addition to the information the icons provide, some communities also feature karma requirements. Karma requirements are shown via the community name text color. medium/high karma requirement, low/medium karma requirement, no karma requirement, and unknown karma requirement..

Database Category Grouping

Many of the Reddit Database categories are also split into a further three groups inside the list. The reason for this is to make it easier for viewers to see the differences between communities in a list. The three groups used are as follows:

Size Communities

Click on mobile or hover on PC the symbls above for the definitions.









Community for creators who like to dress up like animals. 


A community with a fodness for giants. Creators here use photoshop or trick photography to make themselves appear giant.