Promoter Hub

Promoter Hub

Creator sites like Onlyfans, Fansly and even social media are overcrowded and full of scammers or accounts that claim to be promoters but offer abysmal results. The purpose of JustVetted is to become a trusted resource of promoter reviews and feedback so that when we want to pay for a promo we feel confident about what we are paying for.

Our focus has been on Onlyfans itself but we are starting to move to Instagram and other social media. So for now we only have one trusted Instagram promoter listed but we are just getting started.

We encourage anyone with promoter feedback to let us know their experience by submitting a promoter review.

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VIP promoters have shown us proof of overwhelmingly positive reviews with almost no bad feedback, very high follower counts, are honest about what to expect and willing to offer ongoing support while working with them. Only 5% of vetted promoters are VIP-worthy and this is why we recommend them over anyone else.

Alternative Girl (Instagram)

The only Instagram promoter we've encountered with consistent positive feedback and results in at least 20 fans gained. Our advice: Supply new pictures often for the best results!

Mrs. Robinson

A very helpful promoter who is willing to work with you by providing ongoing support and offering a re-shout in the event you have bad luck the first time.



Offers quality shoutouts and classes for a great price. Most buyers report a minimum of 5-10 fans gained, but most report dozens more.



Vetted promoters offer good prices, have high follower count, are upfront and honest about what to expect before you buy (no guaranteed gains claims here), and have received positive reviews and feedback.

Broodingaf - $10+, cheap price, buyers often report 1-5 fan gain

dr_thc3$10+, buyers often report 1-5 fan gain

Leahrose_12 - $10+, buyers often report 1-5 fan gain

Models101 - $135+, moderate price

Promo Hub - $10+, cheap price, pays for itself

Best_Models - $5+, cheap price, pays for itself

Cum-Sluts - $100+, moderate price

Cassidy Snow

Has a very long reputation as a bad promoter. We had a few good promotions with her but then had some result in 0 subs. One creator paid $450 and got 0 subs. She is also misleading about her refund policy and told a creator she does not offer refunds for her most expensive option.

Nightly Nessa

Has a very long reputation as a bad promoter. We had a few good promotions with her but then had some result in 0 subs. One creator paid $450 and got 0 subs. She is also misleading about her refund policy and told a creator she does not offer refunds for her most expensive option.

Riley Reid

Has a very long reputation as a bad promoter. We had a few good promotions with her but then had some result in 0 subs. One creator paid $450 and got 0 subs. She is also misleading about her refund policy and told a creator she does not offer refunds for her most expensive option.


We have done a few promotions with her which gave poor results. Ignored our request to verify.

Disclaimer: JustVetted is opinion-based and does not accuse anyone of anything. This list is merely intended to warn creators to use caution with listed promoters.

We don't just ban promoters because we personally have tried their promos and they did not work for us, or for having an overwhelmingly negative reputation. We only list promoters here after creators report them to us with evidence of scamming.


Bunny Agency (Scammer)

When asked to provide model reviews, they sent bogus earning statistics. Every picture on their website is an Adobe Stock image (even the working man picture on their about us page was taken from Adobe images before they slapped their logo over it!) The models they list on their site are not real. It is our opinion this 'agency' should not be trusted.

TopModels (Scammer)

Offers $200 'coaching' which includes lifetime coaching and Discord server access, one-on-one support, page promotion, and a money back guarantee. In actuality, they just try to upsell additional promos on other pages and refund requests are not granted. When a creator asked for a refund, TopModels became nasty to them, blocked them and kicked them from the Discord server.

Jakeisb4ked (Scammer)

A creator reported him after they paid $150 for a promo he did not post. When we reached out he denied ever talking to the creator or receiving payment (we had proof otherwise) After being blacklisted as a scammer he remediated off by admitting everything and agreed to change his ways. However, after we removed him from our site he proceeded to harass, threaten, and attempted to defame JustVetted and our CEO.

KittyKayleigh (Scammer)

We received complaints of scamming and when we reached out they refused to work with us, responded with legal threats, and tried to change their URL when we added them to the banned promoters list.

Hollieewolo (Scammer)

A creator reported them to us after they promised guaranteed gains they did not deliver on. Holliee was rude to the creator in messages and refused to work with JustVetted agents before blocking all of us.

LucieXParis (Scammer)

A creator reported Lucie for misleading them regarding the timing of when they would be posted and not refunding their $50 when asked. Lucie led the creator to believe their promo would be posted the same day but once payment was received she scheduled the promo 4 days later. When we reached out to Lucie, she blocked our agent and were not honest with us.

Promoter FAQ

A. Our promoter vetting process includes looking at their statistics, reviews, fan count (to ensure their fans aren’t all creators), and in some cases, conditional promotions where we pay them after successful completion of the promo.

While we make an effort to keep our information up-to-date, the quality of a promoter could change at any time. Because of this we ask that creators help keep us up to date by providing reviews.

A. Possibly. We have been able to get as much as $150 returned to a creator in the past by a scammer who did not wish to have their information remain on the blacklist. While we can’t guarantee these results for some or even most of those creators who are scammed, we can give you some amount of closure regardless.

A. Promoters on the “refused to verify” list can be removed by simply verifying with us. Removal from the Blacklist can only be achieved through remediation, and can only happen once.

As far as legal threats though, JustVetted is opinion-based and states nothing as fact. We simply post reviews received by many individuals and collect them here. Would you sue a negative Google review?

We rely heavily on creator reviews to keep this page up to date. As such, we incentivize creators with our currency vCoins, which are earned by making a JustVetted account and providing reviews. vCoins can be used to buy account upgrades including your own landing page (much better than a Linktree), a main-menu listing on the Vetted creator lists, and more.

We see it as protecting creators and rewarding good promoters rather than punishing the bad ones, we just want to make sure others are not taken advantage of.

Being blacklisted results in being banned from r/Onlyfanspaidpromos, shouted out on a sticky post on r/Onlyfansgirls101. A large Discord announcement will be made which will be seen by over 500 creators. Therefore being blacklisted is not to be taken lightly, it is a very big deal. A dozen blacklisted promoters have even deleted their accounts.

Absolutely! Our goal is to reward vetted promoters with exposure. Vetted promoters can earn vCoin just like creators and can buy upgrades like a menu, as seen by our VIP Mrs. Robinson. If you are a low quality promoter it is much better to fail verification so we can work with you to improve before you are blacklisted rather than avoiding us until you are reported by a creator.

Disclaimer: All information contained on this page and all JustVetted pages are opinion-based. Nothing we report here is intended to be taken as fact. Although we do our best to use reports, investigations and evidence to bring you informed opinions, they are just that, opinions. We make no final judgements or claim nothing here as facts. We make no accusations that anyone is a scammer only that they have been accused of such by 3rd parties. As such, this should all be taken as an opinion site protected under the freedom of speech and immune to slander or defamation lawsuits.

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