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Basic Information

Promoters are added to this page and given a classification of Class A through Class F, with Class A being the best and Class F being the worst. Promoters are added to this page in a few different ways.

1. The Promoter wishes to get extra exposure and applies for promoter vetting.
2. The Promoter attracted our attention because of a questionable promo they publicly advertised or because they spammed their promotion on Reddit or somewhere that we maintain.
3. The Promoter was reported for scamming or running a poor-quality promotion.

JustVetted has a highly accurate method of classifying promoters and deciding which promoters are legitimate and which are trash. While we can't reveal precisely what our practices are, we can say that of all the promoters we have given a good score, none have ever been reported in a negative light by creators.

To use this site you will first want to review all of the descriptions of the Promoter Classes so you know what you are looking at. You can then review the promoter table at the bottom of this page. You will see that each promoter has a name, URL, classification, and comments, and in the event of an exceptionally poor score, there will be screenshots as evidence.

Buying a promotion for content creators tends to be a shot in the dark if you do not know what you're doing. By using this site we guarantee that you will be much less likely to be ripped off.

Don't forget to leave a review for a promoter after purchase! Agents (creators) who leave reviews are given bonus vCoins and it's one of the requirements of reaching Special Agent status.

Reporting/Reviewing a Promoter

To review or report a promoter simply click/hover the "Investigations" option in the main menu. Inside of the drop-down, select "Report/Review a Promoter". The form should open. Leaving a review or a report is a quick and easy process. vCoins will be deposited after the administrators read your review and ensure that the review is sufficient. Remember, a promoter does not need to be listed on JustVetted for you to leave a review. In the event of a good review, we may reach out to that promoter and invite them to apply. In the event that you report a promoter for scamming, we will launch an investigation. Promoters who are found to be scamming or running a poor quality promotion will be added to JustVetted regardless of their consent. As all promoters are operating a business in the public sphere, JustVetted has the legal right to leave a fair review of their services.

Applying for Promoter Vetting

In order to apply for Promoter Vetting you should have a couple of things ready.

1. Two reviews from creators who have purchased your promotion. You must submit screenshots of these reviews and the reviews must have been sent over OnlyFans, Fansly, or another content platform. We will not accept reviews sent over Discord, Telegram, Email, etc.

2. For creator/promoter hybrids, you will be required to submit a screenshot of your earnings graph if you have OnlyFans. (The graph that shows the lines for each type of earnings.) For Fansly and others you must submit one extra review instead.

3. For promo hubs you must submit a thirty second video scrolling through your "Fans" list on OnlyFans or Fansly. This is the generic list that shows ALL your fans, unfiltered.

4. For coaches, you should be prepared to show evidence that you have or in the past ran a highly successful OnlyFans page with a earnings at 1% or better.

5. For modeling agencies, we require any documentation that you have regarding your agency. (Website, LLC, license, etc.)

Once you are ready to apply, simply click the "Apply for Promoter Vetting" link under the "Investigations" option in the main menu, or click here.

Promoter Class Definitions

"CLASS A" Vetted Promoter Overview

A "Class A" Vetted Promoter is a promoter who has applied through the Promoter Application process and been approved as a Vetted Promoter. "Class A" Promoters are considered the "Gold Standard". These promoters have absolutely flawless review histories, great feedback from creators, and a established track record of business. If you want the absolute best and most reliable promotion possible, go with a "Class A" Promoter.

In order to become "Class A", a Promoter must have been approved as a Vetted Promoter and then remained in "Class B" for three months with no reported poor promotions. Any reports of a failed promotion will be investigated by our staff for accuracy and honesty. In the event that the promoter offers a refund, then the negative report will not count against them. In the event the promoter offers another shout out free of charge and that shout out does better, the initial report will not count against the promoter. JustVetted considers a failed promotion to be any promotion that does not get the creator at least 50% of the promotion cost in fans gained x subscription cost within two weeks. For example, if Creator A has an OnlyFans that costs $10 a month and purchased a promotion for $100, we would expect that promotion to get the creator at least five fans by the end of two weeks ($100 / 2 = $50 and $50 / $10 per fan = 5.)

For promoters who earn their way to Class A, there are a multitude of benefits to help them with their business.
1. The promoter is given the "Top Quality Promoter" member type and can be filtered in the "Agent Database (user directory)".
2. The promoter is given the "Top Quality Promoter" flair on r/OnlyFansPaidPromos so that everyone knows their promotion is excellent and are permitted to sell promotions even if they don't meet the karma requirement.
3. The promoter is given the "Top Quality Promoter" role on the Discord servers Infernum and JustVetted so that everyone can see they are a quality promoter.
4. The promoter is given the authority to create "posts" on JustVetted without moderator approval, which are like small web pages or "blogs" in order to advertise their service and deals. These will be displayed in a "Promoter Talk" area later.
5. The promoter is permitted to sell promotions that exceed $50 on all JustVetted platforms and communities.
6. The promoter is listed at the top of the Promoter Hub so that all creators can see they have one of the best and most trustworthy promotions.

In the event that a "Class A" promoter is given a negative review that JustVetted is able to verify as honest and trustworthy, that promoter will be demoted back to "Class B" and be required to go another three months before moving back into "Class A". In the event that a "Class A" promoter is accused of scamming and JustVetted is able to verify the claim, the promoter will be demoted to "Class D" or "Class F".

"CLASS B" Vetted Promoter Overview

A "Class B" Vetted Promoter is a promoter who has applied through the Promoter Application and been approved as a Vetted Promoter. "Class B" promoters have passed our application process which contains an exhaustive methodology for checking into their promotion to make sure they are offering a fair deal. While "Class B" Promoters don't have the history and track record of a "Class A" promoter, they certainly have the credentials and still make a good choice for buying a promotion.

In order to become "Class B", a Promoter must apply to be a Vetted Promoter through the Promoter Application and be approved. All promoters will begin as "Class B" until they go three months with no negative reviews, at which point they are promoted.

For promoters in "Class B", while the perks are not as vast as "Class A", there are still some great advantages.
1. Get the "Vetted Promoter" flair on r/OnlyFansPaidPromos and permission to sell your promotion even without meeting the karma requirement.
2. Permission to sell promotions that exceed $50 on all JustVetted platforms and communities.
3. Featured in the Promoter Hub in the second position behind "Class A" so that creators know they can trust your promotion.

In the event that a "Class B" Promoter gets more than one report of a failed or "poor quality" promotion within a 90 day period, that promoter will be demoted to "Class C". In the event that a promoter in "Class B" is demoted to "Class C" for the second time in the history of their listing on JustVetted, that promoter will not be permitted to ever rise above "Class C." In the event that a "Class B" promoter is reported for scamming and the report is verified as accurate and honest, that promoter will be demoted to "Class D" or "Class F".

"CLASS C" Unreliable Promoter Overview

A "Class C" Unreliable Promoter is a promoter who does not quite meet the requirements to be banned entirely but is considered unreliable for one reason or another. Creators should tread carefully if they decide to purchase promotion from a "Class C" Promoter.

Reasons for Classification
1. The promoter has publicly advertised their promotion which contains elements of dishonesty or exaggerated numbers. JustVetted has requested that this promoter go through Vetting, and the promoter has refused. 
2. The promoter has been demoted from "Class B" due to more than one negative report within 90 days.

For promoters placed in "Class C," the promoter faces a few penalties. 
1. The promoter is not permitted to advertise on r/OnlyFansPaidPromos and will be banned while they remain in "Class C."
2. The promoter is not permitted to advertise on any platform or community that JustVetted manages. While they will not be banned, attempting to circumvent this rule and advertise their promotion will result in a ban.

Being Promoted from Class C
For a promoter to leave "Class C" and be promoted into "Class B," the promoter must complete the Vetted Promoter Application again, with entirely different reviews than their initial application. In addition, JustVetted will require that staff speak to one or more of the creators included in the review. Once a promoter has been demoted to "Class C" for the second time, they will not be able to be promoted any higher than "Class C" in the future.

In the event that a "Class C" Promoter is reported for scamming, and JustVetted verifies that the report is honest and accurate, that promoter will be demoted to "Class D" or "Class F".

"CLASS D" Banned Promoter Overview

A "Class D" Banned Promoter is a promoter who has broken the trust of JustVetted and the community. Creators should absolutely avoid a "Class D" Promoter if you value your money.

Reasons for Classification
1. The promoter has been reported for scamming and has taken personal responsibility and refunded the stolen money to the victim.
2. The promoter has demanded to be removed from "Class C" and resorted to threats, extortion, or aggressive behavior to get what they want.
3. The promoter sold a poor quality promo and acted with hostility or aggression when confronted by the creator.
4. The promoter sold a poor quality promo and also used false advertising they did not honor.

For promoters placed in "Class D," the promoter faces some stiff penalties.
1. The promoter is suspended from JustVetted for as long as they remain in "Class D."
2. The promoter is suspended from all platforms and communities (other than r/OnlyFansGirls101) that JustVetted manages as long as the promoter remains in "Class D."
3. The promoter will be shouted out on r/OnlyFansPaidPromos to warn creators about their behavior.
4. The promoter will be shouted out on the JustVetted Discord, to warn creators about their behavior.
5. Any vCoins the promoter has earned to that point will be forfeit (and given to the victim if they scammed.)

Being Promoted from Class D
A promoter in "Class D" is given a once in their lifetime opportunity to move back into "Class C" by completing a "Plan-of-Action". This plan will include steps and actions that the promoter will take to ensure that they do not scam or sell creators poor quality promotions again in the future. In the event that the JustVetted staff approves the plan-of-action, that promoter may be moved back into "Class C".

"CLASS F" Banned Promoter Overview

A "Class F" Promoter is as low as it gets. Buying a promotion from a "Class F" promoter would be equivalent to flushing money down the toilet. Promoters here have broken the trust of the community so seriously they have no opportunity to ever move out of "Class F."

Reasons for Classification
1. The promoter has scammed a creator with absolute concrete proof and refused to accept responsibility or refund the money.
2. The promoter is been found to sell a very large amount of poor quality promos and reacted with toxic hostility when confronted by JustVetted.
3. The promoter sold a creator a very poor quality promo and when approached by the creator the promoter reacted with extreme toxic hostility.
4. The promoter has broken known laws such as illegally using false printed advertisements (such as a modeling agency using stock images being passed off as models.)
5. The promoter has committed harassment, cyber bullying, or serious extortion in order to try to force JustVetted into doing what they want. Examples including doxxing, threats to leak content, spreading defamation about JustVetted, or attempting to illegally gain access to JustVetted services.

For promoters placed in "Class F," JustVetted considers the promoter to be such a threat to the community that JustVetted will take every possible action to remove the promoters ability to scam future creators including:
1. A ban from all websites, platforms, and servers that JustVetted manages including r/OnlyFansGirls101.
2. The promoter will be shouted out in a warning message on Infernum server, JustVetted server, Adult Creators Club server, JustVetted OnlyFans, r/OnlyFansGirls101, and r/OnlyFansPaidPromos.
3. When possible, JustVetted will report the promoter to local and federal authorities for cyber bullying, extortion, false advertisement, larceny, or other crimes.
4. JustVetted will make a public announcement on the website warning users.

Being Promoted from Class F
Unless new information comes to light that proves JustVetted made an error, a promoter may never be removed from "Class F." JustVetted takes extreme care to review all evidence and all sides when a promoter has been reported for scamming or toxic behavior and always publishes the evidence along with the review. The odds of JustVetted incorrectly assigning a promoter to "Class F" are practically 0%.

Class A Vetted Promoters

NamePriceAssignedPromoter NotesReviewsReviewsURL


05/24/22Excellent promoter with a perfect score. Considered to be the best promoter on JustVetted.No Negative Reviews5 Positive Reviews




05/24/22Excellent and well established creator and promoter in the community. Offers fantastic customer service when promotions don't go as planned and is a pleasant promoter to do business with.No Negative Reviews3 Positive ReviewsMelogore#1998
Mrs Robinson


05/24/22Mrs. Robinson is a promoter/creator hybrid with an extremely popular IG and a very good % on OnlyFans. She offers great customer service by giving a free shout out in the event that the original promo does not go as planned.No Negative Reviews2 Positive Reviews




05/24/22Models101 boasts the largest free OnlyFans and offers an unsusual promotion compared to most. All posts on Models101 remain forever. This is a great benefit because it means you can continue to gain fans long after the original promotion. While Models101 seems to bring in fans a bit slower than other promotions, you are sure to at least break even within two weeks with their promotion.No Negative Reviews2 Positive Reviews


Alternative Girl


05/24/22Alternative Girl is the only Instagram promoter to ever make it onto the Vetted Promoters list. Instagram is known to be almost completely scammers but this promoter is the one exception. The owner of JustVetted actually bought this promo and was able to go from no followers to 7,500 in only a couple of weeks. Assuming you are looking for an IG promoter, this is really the only safe bet.No Negative Reviews3 Positive Reviews


Mature Promotions


5/24/22Mature Promotions is a promoter that specializes in the MILF fetish and has an absolutely stellar reputation among the team. She is one of our most recent Vetted Promoters but already has gained a reputation as being one of our best. If you are a mature creator looking for a promoter who can cash in on that for you, I think you found your promoter!No Negative Reviews4 Positive Reviews


The Promo Hub


5/24/22The Promo Hub is a well established promoter who has been around since before JustVetted and before I was involved with content creation. They are about as well rounded as a promoter as you can hope for with a solid value price, plenty of history and experience, and a good reputation of delivering stable results. No Negative Reviews4 Positive Reviews


Class B Vetted Promoters

NamePriceAssignedPromoter NotesReviewsReviewsURL

Class C Unreliable Promoters

NamePriceAssignedPromoter NotesReviewsReviewsURL

Class D Banned Promoters

NameCategoryAssignedPromoter NotesReviewsReviewsScreenshots
Riley Reid


07/01/2021Riley Reid was placed into Class D for reasons other than scamming or offering an outright failed promotion. While Riley Reid's promotion DOES get you fans, the promotion does not come close to getting you enough fans to warrant the price tag of $2,200. On top of that, Riley Reid offers absolutely no support or help in the event that the promotion bombs. Instead, her personal assistant (who is the only person you deal with) will inform you that she can't help you unless you buy another promotion. (Which would put you in the hole for $4,400.) Riley Reid should be ashamed to be selling a promotion that costs the same as a decent used car without offering any type of support or additional shout outs if it fails.The owner of JustVetted bought this promotion and only gained around 40 fans. The assistant had reviewed everything before the shout out and gave no reason to believe the promotion would do so poorly.NoneNone

Class F Banned Promoters

NameCategoryAssignedPromoter NotesReviewsScreenshots


~2021Jakeisb4ked has the reputation of one of the most toxic promoters JustVetted ever encountered. Not only did he scam a creator out of $100, which he openly admitted, but he attempted to use criminal extortion to force JustVetted to remove his review. He went so far as to threaten to leak the owners content, doxxed the owners personal information to a server of 200+, spread false rumors that the owner was addicted to meth, and more. Jake will forever be known as the one promoter that JustVetted seriously considered filing a police report against.Reported by a creator for accepting $100 and never doing the promotion.

Evidence Gallery



~2021Kitty came to our attention after noticing her doing paid promotions while she was still at around 25% as an OnlyFans creator. We did not say anything until someone complained about her promo. From there, she went into full attack mode and made threats to sue us. She is undoubtedly a promoter that I'd avoid if she is still around due to her toxic attitude and failed promos. None

Evidence Gallery

Bunny Agency


~2021JustVetted first looked into Bunny Agency a couple of months ago when they were very new. Back then, they came to our attention through undisclosed means, and our investigation turned up nothing credible. Still, they were blacklisted due to having excessive numbers on their website very unconvincingly. We looked into them again a couple of weeks ago and discovered they have now added "models," all of which are fake. This is clearly against German Laws. We were able to reverse image search every single model on their website. Fake agencies are the biggest threat to creators.NoneNone


~2021 Holliee came to our attention after a creator complaint, but it was her promo image that sealed the deal for us. Five hundred guaranteed gains for $400? Come on. No one believes that kind of a ridiculous claim. Holliee was unwilling to prove her allegations and threatened to sue us when we let her know she would be added to our reviews section of JustVetted. Creator submitted a complaint about her scamming them.

Evidence Gallery

TopModels (also goes by SquirtingQueen)


~2021TopModels has somewhat of a reputation among creators of being an exceptionally terrible promoter, not just because her coaching service is awful but because she is a nasty, vile woman who will get very angry quickly. Most customers reported spending as much as $300 for her "lifetime coaching," When they have bad results and tell her, she gets mad and bans them from her servers. She has attempted to switch names and accounts several times to lose our review. Creator (who ended up joining JustVetted and is now our Lead Admistrator) reported her for scamming and then banning her from the Discord that was included in the promo.

Evidence Gallery

Dira Agency


~2021Investigations into Dira began after his suspected paid staff came into ACC, leaving massive long reviews of his services that looked very suspicious. HayaX began to investigate his IG and determined that all his model photos were stock images. Later, X confronted him, and he admitted to using fake images, operating in violation of Swiss law, not having an LLC or even a website, and more. We advise against using Dira in the strongest language possible. NoneNone
Cass Snow


~2021Cass Snow was once a Vetted Promoter in the early days. One of our staff had good results early on with her, but many creators complained about her promotion yet never evidence surfaced. Finally, a creator filed a complaint who did have evidence. Even though she claimed to offer refunds and put that on her JustVetted application, she said she did not provide refunds on mass messages, which is her most expensive service. We found this to be very misleading and dishonest and have classified her as a "Class F" promoter. Too many to countNone
Nightly Nessa


~2021Nesa wandered into r/OnlyFansPaidPromos one day and set up shop with her outrageous and laughable promo that broke at least three of the community rules. We gave her 24 hours to produce the 1,000 reviews she claimed to have, which she reacted quite outraged about. The next day to our surprise, she claimed to have the reviews. What proceeded was her to send a video, scrolling through her Telegram, with a whole bunch of reviews all posted under her account. Of course, this was a joke, and this larger-than-life promoter was banned. We decided to take things a step further after she sent her boyfriend in to cause further drama and essentially acted like a big drama queen. None

Evidence Gallery

Wanda Potts


~2021We had already been watching Wanda after one of our staff had terrible results with her. When she began breaking server rules in one of our partner Discords and trying to post her promotion with g/g with f/t, and we told her to cut it out, she threw a giant tantrum that ended with her threatening to sue us if we added a review advising against her promotion due to her attitude and was extremely combative.NoneNone
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