Promoter Review
The purpose of this form is to review a paid promoter. This form actually is very wide in it's applications and can take on several different meanings:
  • To give good feedback to a promoter that worked for you, increasing their chances of becoming recommended or VIP.
  • To give negative feedback of a promoter, essentially "reporting" them, which can trigger a full investigation and blacklist of the promoter.
The best part about this review is that you get compensated for your time with vCoins in amounts ranging from 250-25,000 depending on how much you spent on the promo.Thanks in advance for helping to make paid promotions safer for everyone.
Any promo amount over $99 requires a screenshot as proof of the promo purchase and we may reach out for additional proof for promotions over $500.
Selected Value: 0
This is usually through "guaranteed gains"
Selected Value: 0
Not including free trial fans