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This document defines the JustVetted privacy policy and how JustVetted uses data. All users who register for an account on JustVetted provide us with information as they like, such as a photo, email, and username, Any information submitted during the creation of a profile will never be shared with third parties or used in any way other than allowing you to tell other users a little more about you. Any user can request that their account be deleted whenever they wish, and all personal data will be purged from our server. Some users may submit additional details depending on their reason for interacting with JustVetted. For example, promoters filling out a promoter application will, by default, also share their IP address and other personal information. This data will never be used or sold to a third party. JustVetted will only use the data required for processing your application to be a Vetted Promoter. Any Vetted Promoter may request that JustVetted purge their data from the Promoter Hub as long as they are a Vetted Promoter of Class A or Class B. JustVetted can purge the data but must also remove the promoter from the Vetted Promoters tables. Promoters in Class C, Class D, or Class F will not be terminated. JustVetted reserves the right to conduct fair and unbiased reviews, as is our legal right, and there is nothing a promoter with a bad review can change that.

Terms & Conditions

There ear a few rules that all users of JustVetted must abide by at all times. Please review this list of rules carefully. 1. JustVetted is not an NSFW platform. While we allow users to upload somewhat "kinky" photos, they must not be nude. 2. All users must show respect to each other. Beavior that is racist, sexist, or toxic will not be tolerated. Users this way will be permanently banned from the services. 3. No user may attempt to gain access ot any area of JustVetted where they do not have exlicit access to be there.
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